Phone – 0117 963 0600 option 1
Email – supporterservices@bristol-sport.co.uk
Website – tickets.bristol-sport.co.uk

Monday to Friday - 10am to 4pm
Weekend 3pm matchdays – 10am until 1pm
(Please note, matchday hours may vary due to changes in kick-off times, please refer to the most up to date Gate Guide which can be found at www.bristol-sport.co.uk/news)

Weekend 3pm matches: 10:30am until kick-off
Weekday 7.45pm matches: 5pm until kick-off
(Please note, matchday hours may vary due to changes in kick-off times, please refer to the most up to date Gate Guide which can be found at www.bristol-sport.co.uk/news)

Information about 2023/24 Bristol City Season Tickets can be found by clicking here


1. How do I purchase matchday tickets?
Matchday tickets can be purchased online at https://tickets.bristol-sport.co.uk. This includes Bristol City home and away matches, Bristol Bears home matches, Bristol Flyers home matches and Bristol City Women home matches. Alternatively, supporters can purchase tickets for matches by contacting Supporter Services.
Tickets cannot be purchased at the ground during the week but can be purchased on a matchday at the matchday ticket office subject to availability.

2. Are there any fees to pay?
Online ticket purchases are subject to a £1.25 booking fee per ticket (Under-19 and Under-12 home ticket online purchases are fee free). Phone and matchday Ticket Office ticket purchases are subject to a £2 booking fee per ticket on all age categories.

3. When will I receive my tickets?
If you have chosen for your tickets to be posted as your delivery method, the tickets will be posted first class on the next working day. 
If you have chosen the print at home option as your delivery method, your tickets will be sent to you via e-mail. . Please note you will need to print your e-ticket in order to gain access to the stadium. There will be a £5 admin fee per booking for any tickets which need to be reprinted here at Ashton Gate.  
If you have chosen collection as your delivery method, your tickets will be available to collect from the Bristol Sport Store 48 hours after purchase (two full working days).

4. I do not know my Supporter ID number or Password, what do I do?
Your supporter ID number is shown on the right hand side of your season or membership card and also on any home tickets you have purchased. Your Supporter ID number is 7 digits long and will start with the number 1. You can also contact Supporter Services if you are unsure.

5. Can I buy tickets at Ashton Gate?
Tickets can only be purchased at the ticket office in the Winterstoke car park on home matchdays and are subject to availability. All other tickets can be purchased online and over the phone.

6. Can I select my seats?
Yes, you can select your seats for Bristol City home matches and for some areas of the ground for Bristol Bears home matches (Note: S25, S26 and S27 are unreserved for Bristol City Bristol Flyers Basketball, Bristol City Women and Bristol Bears Women all have an unreserved policy; therefore you will not be able to select specific seats. You are also unable to select seats for away matches. 

7. When will I be able to purchase tickets?
Tickets for home matches go on sale approximately eight weeks prior to the fixture date. We have a strict priority schedule which we adhere to. Initially there will be a period in which only Members can purchase tickets, followed by tickets going on general sale. These dates will be shown for each match by clicking ‘More Information’. 

8. Where can I find the stadium seating plan?
A view of the stadium plan is available to see on the Bristol Sport ticketing website:  tickets.bristol-sport.co.uk - once here; select your chosen sport and fixture and press ‘add to basket’. The stadium map will appear and you can go into each area to se what is available.

9. How do I update my address?
You can update your address by logging into your account on the Bristol Sport website. Alternatively, you can call or email Supporter Services to update any details. Please have your Supporter ID to hand before contacting us.

10. I can no longer attend a match which I have booked tickets for. Can I return the ticket?
Match tickets are non-refundable, apart from in exceptional circumstances, in which case our Supporter Services team will assess each case on its individual merits. In the event of a refund being agreed the club must receive the tickets back three days before the day of the game. No refunds will be given after the match has taken place.

11. How can I check my seat details for a match?
Seat details are displayed on your season card or match ticket. We also send you a confirmation e-mail once the tickets are purchased with your seat information. You can also check your recently purchased tickets on you account online.

12. I haven’t received my tickets for the game, what do I do?
Please call us if your tickets have not arrived 24 hours before the fixture. If you requested your tickets via e-mail, please check your spam folder in the first instance. If you have still not received them please call Supporter Services and we will resend the booking confirmation e-mail which will have your tickets attached. Please check we have the correct e-mail address for you before resending your e-mail.

13. What is the age limit for supporters wishing to purchase concession match tickets?
All age categories are taken as the age at the date of the fixture. The table below explains how old you would need to be on the date of each match to qualify for the age category ticket.  
 Under-12 (18 months to 11 years old)
 Under-19 (12 to 18 years old)
 Under-22 (19 to 21 years old)
 Under-25 (22 to 24 years old)
 Senior 65+ (65 and over)

14. Will my child need a ticket to enter the stadium?
Children under the age of 18 months will not require a ticket to enter the stadium. Children under 18 months will be required to sit on their guardian’s lap throughout the game and will not be given a seat of their own unless specifically required. Children over the age of 18 months will need to purchase their own ticket and will be given a designated seat of their own.

15. Is there a designated section for families?
There is a designated family area at Ashton Gate for Bristol City and Bristol Bears fixtures.  Bristol Flyers, Bristol City Women and Bristol Bears Women do not have designated family sections. 
For Bristol City, the family area is in the Upper Lansdown Stand in blocks W7, W8 and W9. For Bristol Bears the family area is in W7, W8 and W9. 
There will need to be at least one under-19 in the booking to sit in the family area. All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. This applies to all sections of the ground.

16. Is there a designated section for singing supporters?
For Bristol City there is a designated section for singing supporters in the South Stand, blocks S25-S27. These blocks are unreserved seating, so supporters are not given a particular seat to sit in.

17. What if a game is rescheduled?
Information on what happens in the event of a game being rescheduled will be announced online once the new date has been set. Please note that the club is not responsible for any change of date for fixtures. Please see terms and conditions of sale for more information.


18. I have forgotten my season ticket for a match. Will I be able to watch the match?
Yes. Match tickets can be printed at the South Stand ticket office for a £5 charge per season ticket transaction. Tickets will only be reprinted on production of the season ticket owner’s ID.

19. I have a concession season card.  What happens if I cannot attend a home game?
If you can’t attend a game and wish a friend of the same age category to use your season card you must let the club know (see terms and conditions). If the season ticket needs to be upgraded, e.g. from an under-12 to an adult, you must contact Supporter Services to pay for the upgrade. The upgrade cost will be calculated as the full price ticket minus the pro-rata rate of the season ticket. Please be advised that we will need to create a ticketing account for all supporters that wish to attend a game in place of the season ticket holder.

20. I want to bring a friend to a game and would like to sit with them, can I move my seat for a match?
Yes, each season ticket holder can move seats up tp three times per season at no additional cost, these can be used to accommodate any guest they want to bring. Seat moves for matches over and above the three free moves will be charged at the rate of a full price ticket, minus the pro-rata price of the season card. To move seats for a particular match you will need to contact the Supporter Services team.

21. During the season I decide I would like to move seats permanently, what do I have to do?
Please contact the Supporter Services team to change seats. Permanent seat transfers made during the season will incur the following fees:
  • Reprint Fee – A £10 fee per season ticket applies to all season tickets which need to be reprinted.
  • Seat Move Admin Fee – A £10 fee will be applied if you decide to change your seat after the one free seat move.
Supporters are entitled to one move per season without incurring a £10 seat move admin fee. If a supporter moves to a more expensive area then their existing seat, they will need to pay the difference in price to upgrade. If supporters choose to move to a cheaper area then the difference will be offered as a refund.  The cost of this upgrade/downgrade will be calculated on the basis of the difference in price between the two seats, on a pro-rata basis depending on how many matches are remaining in the season.


22. I am disabled, what price do I pay for match tickets?
Disabled supporters pay the relevant price according to their age and the stand which they choose to sit in. 

23. Am I entitled to bring a Carer/Personal Assistant for free?
Ambulant disabled/wheelchair-using supporters are entitled to bring a carer to a match free of charge, if they have one of the following:
 • Receipt of the medium to high rate Disability Living Allowance (mobility or care component)
 • Enhanced Rate P.I.P (Personal Independence Payment)
 • Receipt of either the Employment & Support Allowance or Attendance Allowance
If you are not in receipt of any of these, we will consider a signed letter from a doctor on headed paper explaining why you require a carer. 

24. Will I be required to show proof?
If you are entitled to a carer free of charge we will need to see proof of one of the above entitlements, which we will attach to your account for future reference. If you send us an award letter, then we will not need to see evidence again until the review date. 

25. How can I purchase tickets?
Ambulant disabled/wheelchair-using supporters need to phone Supporter Services to purchase their tickets.

26. How many wheelchair bay spaces are available at Ashton Gate?
 There are 159 wheelchair accessible spaces at Ashton Gate, and each of these has space for one carer. We have wheelchair areas in all four stands at Ashton Gate and tickets are priced at the rate of the stand they are in. 

27. I have specific accessibility needs, who can I discuss these with?
Our Disability Liaison Officer, Gareth Torpy can be contacted directly via e-mail on gareth.torpy@bristol-sport.co.uk; alternatively you can contact the Supporter Services team.

28. Do the priority sales dates still apply to disabled supporters?
Yes. However, as disabled supporters are currently unable to purchase online, you are able to buy tickets over the phone in the online only sales period.


29. Can I purchase car parking on a match-by-match basis?
The majority of our parking is sold seasonally. However, if there are any spaces available to purchase match to match these can be purchased at https://tickets.bristol-sport.co.uk or by calling Supporter Services.

30. How do I get parking for the season?
In most seasons our parking is sold out seasonally. Supporters that currently have parking spaces are given the first chance to renew their parking space for the next season. Any unsold parking spaces are offered to supporters at the top of the car park waiting list. You can be added to the car park waiting list by contacting Supporter Services.

31. I would like to move to a different car park, how can I do this?
If you would like to express an interest in moving to a different car park then please let Supporter Services know. However, we recommend that you renew in your current space, in order to secure your parking for the season and if a transfer to your desired car park becomes available then we will be in touch with you to arrange this.


32. Am I able to purchase away tickets?
We currently only sell away tickets for Bristol City Football Club.

33. When can I purchase away tickets?
Sales dates for individual games are announced via the website. We aim to put away games on sale approximately four weeks in advance of the fixture, but this is subject to change depending on when the club receive the away ticket allocation. We adhere to strict priority booking process whereby season ticket holders can purchase first, followed by members and then general sale, should any tickets remain. Season tickets holders and members are strictly restricted to purchase one ticket per person within their sales period. Should you want to purchase additional tickets for non-members, you will need to wait until the general sale period. We highly advise multiple tickets are booked within the same transaction so they are all sat together; tickets are issued in an order instructed by the away club and tickets will not be exchanged or returned to accommodate this.

34. Can I upgrade/downgrade an away ticket to a different age category?
We are unable to amend any away tickets and all bookings are final. This includes upgrading/downgrading tickets, adding additional tickets or returning tickets.


35. What happens if I have an issue and want to complain?
If you have any issues that you wish to discuss, you can either call Supporter Services on 0117 963 0600 or e-mail supporterservices@bristol-sport.co.uk. If they are unable to deal with your query directly they will pass it on to the relevant department.

36. Who do I speak to if I have a problem on matchday?
There are plenty of stewards at the stadium who will be able to assist.  Alternatively, you can go to the South Stand ticket office where a member of Supporter Services will be able to assist you, prior to kick-off.

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