Terms and Conditions

1 Issue of Season Ticket
1.1 The issue of a Season Ticket and subsequent access to the Ground is subject to the Terms & Conditions of Entry which can be found on the Club’s official website via the Customer Charter or can be provided upon written request to the Club.
1.2 The Club reserves the right to withdrawal any Season Ticket if any of the Terms and Conditions of Entry are broken by any Season Ticket holder. Cancellation & Withdrawal of Season Ticket without prejudice to any other remedies it may have, the Club shall have the right in the case of any serious or persistent breach of the Terms & Conditions of Entry to cancel and withdraw your Season Ticket. In the event of such cancellation no refund will be paid in respect of any unexpired portion of the Season Ticket.
1.3 Proof of age is required for all concessionary rate tickets.
1.4 The cut-off date for each age band is August 1st. For example, if you are 65 years old on August 1st you qualify for a senior 65+ ticket, whilst if you are 12 on August 1st, you would not qualify for an under-12 ticket.
1.5 All season tickets are subject to a £2 fee per card.
1.6 Postage costs are charged at £1 per transaction.

2 Admission to the Ground
2.1 By purchasing and/or accepting and/or holding a Season Ticket and/or using a Season Ticket to gain access to the Ground, you: (a) certify that you have read, understood and accepted; (b) agree to be bound by and to comply with; and (c) agree to bring to the attention of others, as required below, the Terms & Conditions of Entry.
2.2 A Season Ticket permits you to occupy at the Match the seat indicated on the Season Ticket unless in a designated unreserved area or if the seat has been transferred to another area.
2.3 Nothing in these Conditions of Issue shall constitute or imply any entitlement to occupy the seat indicated on the Season Ticket in any subsequent season.
2.4 Whilst the Club will make every effort to provide the seat you have selected in the ground, it reserves the right to transfer your seat to an alternative seat, of equal or greater value. This is at the Club’s discretion and reasonable notice would be applied.
2.5 Persons under the age of 14 will not be permitted into the stadium unless accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years and older. The same applies for official coach travel organised by the club.
2.6 Entry to the ground will be denied to any person carrying alcoholic drinks.

3 Use of a Season Ticket
3.1 Subject to clause 3.2, below, Season Tickets are issued for your sole use and you shall not sell, assign or transfer or lend the Season Ticket or the benefit of it to any other person without the prior written consent of the Club [Can be transferred to supporter of the same price type, if another supporter of a different price type. Please see point – 10.3]. The reference to selling the Season Ticket includes offering to sell a Season Ticket (including, without limitation, via an online auction website), exposing a Season Ticket for sale, making a Season Ticket available for sale by another and advertising that a Season Ticket is available for purchase. For the avoidance of doubt (and by way of example only) this Season Ticket may not be offered as a prize in any promotion or competition; transferred, lent or sold to any third party as part of a hospitality or travel package; given to a third party who agrees to buy some other goods or services; or used for any other commercial purpose, (all save as expressly authorised  by the EFL, Premiership Rugby or the Club).
3.2 You may only sell or transfer the Season Ticket to a Guest with the express written consent of the Club which will be given at the Club’s absolute discretion. No such sale or transfer will be permitted except where the same takes place in respect of an individual match and in consideration of no payment or benefit in excess of the face value of a ticket to that Match and such transfer does not take place during the course of any business or for the purpose of facilitating any third party’s business. Such resale or transfer to any Guest is hereby provided to be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Entry which will (save for any rights to transfer under this clause) apply to and bind that Guest as if he/she was the original purchaser of the Season Ticket (and you must inform the Guest of this).
3.3 The unauthorised sale or disposal of a Season Ticket may amount to a criminal offence under section 166 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, as amended by the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006. The Club will inform the police when it becomes aware that a Season Ticket has been sold illegally and will press for charges to be brought against those breaking this law. If you are convicted of a ticket touting offence, or we reasonably suspect you have committed such an offence, we will notify the EFL or Premiership Rugby who may in turn notify other EFL/Premiership clubs and/or the relevant law enforcement authorities. The information that we share may include your personal details, information about the offence and about ticket purchases (including payment details). We will use this to identify and prevent ticket touting offences and disorder at matches.
3.4 The Season Ticket will remain the property of the Club at all times and must be produced together with evidence of your identity if required to do so by any official, steward or employee of the Club or any police officer. The Club reserves the right to require the immediate return of the Season Ticket at any time.
3.5 Any Season Ticket obtained or used in breach of the Terms & Conditions of Entry shall be automatically void and all rights conferred or evidenced by such Season Ticket shall be nullified. Any person seeking to use a Season Ticket in breach of the Terms and Conditions of Entry in order to gain entry to the Ground or remain at a Match may be considered to be a trespasser and may be refused entry to, or ejected from, the Ground in respect of a particular Match and/or may have his/her Season Ticket cancelled or withdrawn. In the event of any cancellation and withdrawal in accordance with this clause 3.5, no refund shall be payable to the holder in respect of any unexpired portion of the Season Ticket. The Club further reserves its right to take any legal or disciplinary action against any person(s) as it sees fit in connection with such matters, including a claim for an account of any profits made from an unauthorised use of the Season Ticket.

4 Changes to Dates, Refunds and Exchanges
4.1 No guarantees can be given by the Club that a Match will take place at a particular time or on a particular date. The Club reserves the right to reschedule any Match without notice and without any liability whatsoever. Your Season Ticket will enable you to attend the re-arranged Match.
4.2 The Club will have no further liability whatsoever, including (but not limited to) any indirect or consequential loss or damage, loss of enjoyment or travel/accommodation costs.
4.3 All sales are final and no refunds will be offered to supporters who wish to return their Season Ticket.

5 Lost or Stolen Season Tickets
5.1 In order to gain admission to the Ground, your Season Ticket must be presented at the turnstiles.
5.2 In the event that you forget your Season Ticket in respect of any individual Match, the Club shall not be obliged to admit you or issue any other form of ticket for that Match.
5.3 If a matchday duplicate ticket is issued, it will cost £5 per transaction on production of ID at the ticket office on the day of the game.
5.4 If, in the Club’s opinion, a Season Ticket is damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed, a duplicate Season Ticket shall be issued by the Club as soon as reasonably practicable after the payment of a non-refundable £10 administration charge.

6 Validation of Season Ticket
6.1 The following details are mandatory when creating or updating supporter records with the club; first name, surname, home address, email, mobile number and date of birth.
6.2 All Season Tickets purchased at a concessionary Price Category will require a valid proof of age, a photo of the Season Ticket holder’s passport, driving licence or birth certificate to verify their age.
6.3 Disabled Season Ticket holders will need to provide proof of eligibility for a disabled and carer/companion Season Ticket. The requirements are medium to high rate DLA (Disability Living Allowance) or enhanced rate PIP (Personal Independence Payments).
6.4 If you change your address during the season you must notify the Club as soon as reasonably practicable

7 Family Area
 To be eligible for the Family Area you will need to have at least one under-19 ticket holder in the group.

8 Pay Monthly for Season Tickets
8.1 It is the Season Ticket Holder’s responsibility to pay their payments each month of the agreement.
8.2 Payment for Pay Monthly will be paid on the first day of each month.
8.3 When a payment is missed, all cards under the agreement will be blocked immediately.
8.4 If there are two months of payments outstanding, the Season Ticket will be returned and the seats will be available for purchase by other supporters. 
8.5 Applications to pay for a Season Ticket by Pay monthly can be refused by the Club at its own discretion.
8.6 Offers and ticketing priority to Season Ticket Holders are rendered invalid if Pay monthly payments have been missed, this includes:
8.7 Any guest ticket offers;
8.8 Any ticket offers for Bristol City or Bristol Bears matches;
8.9 Any priority on away tickets;
8.10 Any stadium discounts i.e. Concessions, Sports Bar, Coffee Shop etc.

9 Permanent Seat Transfers
9.1 Permanent seat transfers made during the season will incur the following fees:
9.1.1 Reprint fee, this costs £10 per Season Ticket and applies to all Season Tickets which need to be reprinted. 
9.1.2 Seat Move Admin Fee, This costs £10.  Supporters are entitled to one move per season without incurring this Seat Move Admin Fee.
9.1.3 Upgrade Fee, if the Season Ticket Holder is moving into an area of a higher price the Season Ticket Holder will need to pay the difference between the two areas. Supporter Services will work out this cost on a pro-rata basis if the season has already started. No refund will be made for supporters moving into a cheaper area of the ground. 

10 Matchday Seat Changes
10.1 Season Ticket Holders are entitled to three seat moves for matches of their choice free of charge. 
10.2 Seat moves for matches over and above the three free moves will be charged at the rate of a full price ticket minus the pro-rata price of the Season Ticket. 
10.3 If a Season Ticket Holder cannot attend a match but know of a Guest who can attend in their place they are able to do so provided the Guest is of the same Price Category for example, an Under-22 Season Ticket holder can give their card to another under-22 to use for a game but not to someone that is older.
10.4 If the Price Category of the Ticker User ID differs to that of the Season Ticket Holder, for example if an Adult wants to attend on an under-12 Season Ticket Holders ticket, an upgrade fee will apply. This will be charged at the rate of a full price ticket minus the pro-rata price of the Season Ticket.  In the event that the pro-rata price exceeds the ticket price no refunds will be offered by the club. The Ticket User will require a ticketing account. 

11 Matchday Tickets
11.1 Tickets issued are subject to the rules and regulations of the relevant authorities and in accordance with ground regulations.
11.2 The following details are mandatory when creating or updating supporter records with the club; first name, surname, home address, email, mobile number and date of birth.
11.3 Tickets are non-refundable and may not be re-sold.
11.4 Match tickets cannot be transferred to another seat once purchased.
11.5 The match ticket permits you to occupy at the match the seat indicated on the ticket unless in a designated unreserved area.
11.6 Match dates and kick-off times are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to check the date and time of rearranged matches.
11.7 Tickets are valid only if presented complete.
11.8 The Club shall be entitled to refuse admission to any ticket holder if it thinks fit without explanation.
11.9 Valid proof of age may be requested by the club for concession or discounted tickets.
11.10 If the match is postponed before kick-off, free admission will be offered for rearranged games. If the match is abandoned before the second half a 50% refund will be offered. (in cup matches this is subject to approval by the visiting club).
11.11 Entry to the ground will be denied to any person carrying alcoholic drinks.
11.12 Match tickets which are reprinted will be subject to a £5 admin charge per booking. This includes e-tickets which are not printed in advance of attendance and cards which are loaded and not in possession at the ground. ID for the ticket owner will need to be shown to ticket office staff before reprinting takes place.
11.13 All tickets are subject to a £1 fee per ticket.
11.14 Postage costs are charged at £1 per transaction.

12 Disability
12.1 Ambulant disabled/wheelchair using supporters are entitled to bring a carer to a match free of charge and/or claim concessionary rate season tickets, if they provide one of the following to the club:
 • Receipt of the medium to high rate Disability Living Allowance (mobility or care component)
 • Enhanced Rate P.I.P (Personal Independence Payment)
 • Receipt of either the Employment & Support Allowance or Attendance Allowance
 • If you are not in receipt of any of these, we will consider a signed letter from a doctor on headed paper explaining why you require a carer. 
12.2 Proof required may change depending on alterations to current legislation regarding the benefit payments system. Receipt of a Blue badge will not be considered sufficient proof of disability.
12.3 It is the responsibly of the supporter to inform the club of any changes in their circumstances.
12.4 Ambulant/wheelchair using supporters are required to pay the relevant age category ticket price and can claim a free carer ticket if required.
12.5 If the disabled person cannot attend, the carer can only access provided they pay for the relevant age category in advance by contacting Supporter Services.

13 General
13.1 The invalidity or partial invalidity of any provision of these Conditions of Issue shall not prejudice or affect the remainder of these Conditions of Issue, which shall continue in full force and effect.
13.2 The Club’s failure to exercise, or delay in exercising, any right, power or remedy provided by these Conditions of Issue or by law shall not constitute a waiver of that right, power or remedy.
13.3 The Terms and Conditions of Entry constitute the entire agreement between the Club and the ticket holder and neither the Club nor the ticket holder shall have any claim or remedy in respect of any statement, representation, warranty or undertaking made by or on behalf of any other party in relation to the Terms and Conditions of Entry which is not set out therein.
13.4 Notwithstanding any other provision in these Conditions of Issue and with the exception of FIFA, UEFA, The FA, Premier League, the EFL, World Rugby, EPCR, Premiership Rugby or The RFU, no other person other than you or the Club has any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to rely on or enforce any term of these Conditions of Issue. Nothing in these terms of conditions shall affect any right or remedy of a third party that exists or is available other than as a result of the aforementioned Act.
13.5 These Conditions of Issue shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. The parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales (including in relation to any non-contractual disputes or claims).
13.6 You consent to Bristol Sport holding and processing data relating to you for administrative and legal purposes. The personal data that you provide to Bristol Sport shall be processed, stored and transferred in accordance with the terms of the privacy policy available here.
13.7 When creating a Bristol Sport ticketing account you can opt in to receive communications from Bristol Sport clubs and carefully selected third party partners. Select from the preferences options. You can opt out at any time by logging into your Bristol Sport Club Account, by unsubscribing from marketing emails or by contacting Bristol Sport directly.Sport clubs and carefully selected third party partners. Select from the 'You Can Contact Me' options. You can opt out at any time by logging into your ticketing account and selecting 'no' in the 'Contact me' options. This can be done here or by contacting Bristol Sport directly.

14 Definitions
14.1 In the Conditions of Issue the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings: "Conditions of Issue" means these terms and conditions governing the issue and use of a Season Ticket.
14.1.1 "Ground" means the football stadium and all other locations owned, occupied or utilised by the Club.
14.1.2 "Ground Regulations" means those ground regulations issued by the Club from time to time that set out the terms and conditions upon which spectators are granted entry to the Ground.
14.1.3 "Guest" means a relative, friend, colleague and/or companion to the disabled who would be entitled to purchase a Season Ticket under the Terms & Conditions of Entry.
14.1.4 "Match" means any League football match in which the Club participates and that takes place at the Ground during Season 2020/21 or 2021/22.
14.1.5 "Season Ticket" means a Season Ticket smartcard (and/or any rights arising out of or in connection with any of the foregoing) for admission to Matches.
14.1.6 “Terms & Conditions of Entry" means each of the rules and regulations of FIFA, UEFA, The Football Association, The Premier League, the EFL, World Rugby, EPCR, Premiership Rugby or The RFU; the Ground Regulations; and the Conditions of Issue.
14.1.7 “Family Area” refers to sections W1, W2, W7, W8 and W9 of the Lansdown Stand for Bristol City. “Family Area” refers to section E28 in the Dolman Stand and a portion of S24 of the South Stand for Bristol Bears. “Family Area” refers to section W17 of the Lansdown Stand for Bristol Bears.
14.1.8 “Seat Move Admin Fee” is a £10 fee when moving your Season Ticket seat. 
14.1.9 “Reprint Fee” is a £10 fee associated with reprinting a Season Ticket, £5 for match ticket where season ticket is not brought, £5 for any match ticket reprinted for any reason.
14.1.10 “Price Category” refers to the relevant prices for an Adult, Senior (65+), Under-25, Under-22, Under-19 and Under-12.

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